The investment climate in today's realities

Nikita Izmailov is one of the main investors of the first financial and technical investment fund N1 in Ukraine. The portfolio of this project includes one of today's popular startups - sportbank. In one of the interviews Nikita gave some answers to really important questions.

How is the situation in Ukraine right now?

Of course, the investment climate is negative right now, due to the tense situation between Ukraine and Russia. Whereas previously there was talk about full-fledged support, now it's just informational support. That is why foreign investors have serious doubts and even fears regarding the Ukrainian market. There is no desire to invest in Ukraine, and if six months ago the situation was much better, now there is little to be understood and it is extremely difficult to make any predictions. Even the money from the domestic loan is being withdrawn with losses. This affects the national currency rate, and the unstable situation with the dollar aggravates the situation.

Of course, many investors have already managed to calm down, since they have withdrawn all the funds available for this. But the question of direct supplies and investments in startups and companies remains open. This is where it gets tricky, because people are just scared. Many people with whom there is a connection are just afraid and don't want to take the risk. For example, if previously a promising company was valued at $4 million, the price collapsed by half after the conflict began. And there are a lot of such examples.

So the situation between the countries greatly affects the investment climate. But on the other side there are possibilities for domestic investor, because really tasty projects, assets and companies were left without attention. So, with a competent approach, you can buy bonds or startups and make good money on it. There is an opportunity to start your own profitable venture.

What's coming up in the near future

As for the N1 fund, now they are actively working on some deals to enter the capital of Ukrainian companies, as well as attracting debt to companies. In general, the situation is wrong for the economic situation, but so far there are no other opportunities.

New beginnings, promising start-ups are constantly being considered, but the numbers are not the best. For example, last year there were only 70 projects, and only a few of them were invested. And only in the near future can we talk about the net profit of these startups. As for the current year, again, it is difficult even to assume anything. As long as the situation remains tense, there will be increased risks for investors, and it is difficult to talk about positive dynamics.